As I sit curled up with my pup, Calvin, on this Thanksgiving Eve, I can't help but reflect on everything I'm grateful for. My family and friends: it's plain and simple, I'm not the person I am without them. Even though there are many miles in between us, you all aren't far from my heart. … Continue reading Grateful.

Patio Weather: Craft Brewed

Even though the temperatures are dropping, there's still time to enjoy patios in Nashville. I recently visited Craft Brewed, off of 8th Ave South, in the Melrose neighborhood. This hidden gem of a taproom serves a wide selection of craft beers. Beer isn't the only thing they serve. For the wine-lovers out there, Craft … Continue reading Patio Weather: Craft Brewed

Spread Light

Today, my head is full of a million and one thoughts, and I'm sure I'll share them at a later time and place. This post is going to be simple, short, and sweet. Be kind to one another. Show love at every possible moment. Smile at a stranger. Hug your loved ones. Hold the door … Continue reading Spread Light

Not A Typical Monday

Today was not a typical Monday. I mean, I still got up, went to work, came home and made my own dinner. Nothing extraordinary happened. I didn't win a million dollars, I didn't solve world peace, and I didn't go on an extravagant vacation. While my day today was pretty routine, last night's bedtime routine … Continue reading Not A Typical Monday

10 Years Ago…

My high school 10 year reunion was this past weekend, which gave me plenty to reflect on. Ten years ago, I packing up my belongings, and decorating my dorm room. Saying goodbye to some high school friends, but mainly excited to continue my educational journey to college with most of the people I ran around … Continue reading 10 Years Ago…

choose happy.

When you go about your day, "be happy," is usually at the top of the list of goals. What I'm learning, is that the cliché, "happiness is not about the journey, it's about the destination," is true. It's so, so true. Each day, we need to make the conscious decision to create our own happiness; … Continue reading choose happy.