Time to Get Uncomfortable

The temperatures in Nashville have been scorching this week, never leaving the high-nineties. As a runner, who typically trains outside, this has caused an issue. I’ve either had to alter my mornings, and squeeze my runs in before work, or suffer in the heat afterwards. And, let’s just be utterly honest; getting up any earlier than I already do, is a struggle.

I have big goals for my running. I started running actively in college, trained for a half marathon, and afterwards, ultimately took a six year break from training for races. Fast forward to last year, I knew I needed to start again. Running is a great source of obviously, exercise, but it’s become such a sacred, special time of reflection for myself. I can take a break from the hustle and look inward.

I trained and completed my second half marathon this past April, and am currently signed up for my very first marathon. All of these miles logged, ultimately aren’t comfortable. To put it nicely, they’re uncomfortable.

If I want to accomplish these big, scary goals, then it will take some level of discomfort. So, bring on the heat, the early mornings, the aching muscles, because I want to push my mind and body past the impossible.

Everyone has moments where you can choose the comfortable, air-conditioned afternoon, or step out in the summer sun and travel to unknown terrain. It doesn’t need to be associated with health and fitness, or running, it can be spiritually, mentally, in a relationship, or maybe a job.

What area in your life are you embracing the uncomfortable?

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