10 Years Ago…

My high school 10 year reunion was this past weekend, which gave me plenty to reflect on. Ten years ago, I packing up my belongings, and decorating my dorm room. Saying goodbye to some high school friends, but mainly excited to continue my educational journey to college with most of the people I ran around with from my home town.

And to the wide-eyed dreamer, who was fearless in the pursuit of her goals, this post is dedicated to myself, at age eighteen.

High school and college years go by in a blink of an eye, and while your dreams of Music City await you, don’t forget to take a minute and look around. Enjoy the present, because once it’s gone, you’ll find yourself wishing for those simpler times in the future.

Don’t spend all of your nights worrying if you have what it takes to accomplish your big, bad goals. You do. And you achieve them with grace and humility. And, life surprises you, by bringing you to an even sweeter place professionally than you ever would have imagined.

Remember all of your years despising mathematics and numbers… well, just wait. You encounter them on the daily later on, and you quite frankly, love it.

Don’t worry about all of the nights you spent crying over the jocks and popular boys not even glancing your way at school; God has shown you that there are some pretty great men in this great big sea. They aren’t Prince Charming, but some have definitely made you smile and wipe the tears away.

The people you’ve met along the way will become your angels. Your friends and family are what’s the utmost important, and they’ve helped you through the lowest of lows and highest of highs.

Life doesn’t always happen like you plan for it to. You spend all of these years making lists, and crossing off items one by one, in hopes that in doing so, you’ll finally coming across your dream world. You get the dream job, you leave the dream job, you make friends, you lose friends, you give you heart away, you have your heart broken. It’s truly been the journey that’s made the last 10 years oh so sweet.

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