Learning to Trust His Plans

January, the month of resolutions and goals and fresh starts. I love the beginnings – the beginning of the year, month, weeks, and days. There’s something about a blank slate – it’s when truly anything is possible.

I have some lofty goals for 2018 – many pertaining to my running. Last year, I decided to pursue  my passion for running again after taking a break. I ran a half and a full marathon. This year, the mileage is still there. I plan on racing the Rock n Roll Marathon in Nashville in April, the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Chicago in July, and the Greenway Marathon back in Nashville in September. I want to also start tackling trail running.

Nashville has many parks around the city with some amazing trails to hike. I love being outside and enjoying nature’s beauty, so combining both of those loves is on the list of things to do this year.

When January 1st hit, I was so excited to begin to tackle runs and training plans, but God had other ideas. I was hit with a virus and was sick for most of the first week of the year. I was ultimately disappointed my plans weren’t happening the way I wanted them to.

Even when we have plans, we need to remember God has a bigger story. I needed to rest last week. He knew that, and knew I wouldn’t unless I was forced to. I’m feeling back to normal this week, and have started my training plans. My runs are feeling good and strong thus far.

Without last week’s time to rest and reflect, I’m not sure if I would have tackled the treadmill this week with the same strength and excitement. It’s a reminder that He ALWAYS has your best interest at heart – even when you don’t necessarily understand.

Here’s to a happy, productive week friends! Run AND rest when necessary.

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