Home Sweet Home

Nashville, Tennessee. This town is growing by the minute, with new dreamers coming to town to chase these crazy dreams. I remember the summer I made the move. I grew relationships here, I found a church home, with Cross Point Church, and I had some crazy, God-sized, dreams to chase down.

My five and a half years here have been a rollercoaster. I’ve done a lot of growing up and a ton of soul-searching. Dreams have been fulfilled. New chapters are written. My heart’s been broken and mended. I’ve lost and gained friends, whom have become my Nashville family. My four-legged companion, Calvin, has turned my world upside down.

In all my time here, I consistently come back to the feelings of gratitude. I love this city. I love the people here. I love that dreams aren’t too big or out of reach here. I love all the songs and stories told here. I love all the trails to run, restaurants to dine at, and dog parks to play at. I love Nashville, Tennessee.

Stay tuned. I have so many stories left to tell from my home sweet home of Nashville, Tennessee… some from my own words, and some from my dearest friends and inspirations.


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