The #RealReel Movement

Instagram: the social media platform where we can spend hours picking out the perfect filter for our selfie that we took 100 times before choosing the shot with the pristine lighting and just the right angle. We’ve all been guilty of comparing our “behind the scenes” disasters to someone else’s filtered and cropped highlight reel.

And this is where Hayley Hubbard (wife of Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler), Lauren Akins (wife of Thomas Rhett), and Brittany Aldean (wife of Jason Aldean) come in. These three ladies have taken on a new movement on the social media platform, the #RealReel. Followers can see on their Instagram Stories, unfiltered moments of their lives.

This refreshing, raw wave across the platform is not just for the women of country music, but for the guys too. Dustin Lynch recently launched a video series on his account, where he takes fans into his every day life, not hiding any emotion or truth.

One of my oldest friends in country radio | 017

A post shared by Dustin Lynch (@dustinlynchmusic) on


To share your own unfiltered moments, on Instagram, use the #RealReel hashtag. Be sure to follow Lauren, Hayley, Brittany, and Dustin at the following:

How are you keeping it real on social media?

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