Patio Season: Frothy Monkey

The time is upon us: the flowers are blooming, birds chirping, and days are becoming longer. Patio Season is bustling here in Nashville!

It’s no secret that I love a good patio. Whether I’m drinking a cup of coffee and wrapping up work or out with my girlfriends partaking in happy hour, I adore being outside, soaking up the sunshine and all this city has to offer.

I’m going to spend a few weeks spotlighting some of my favorite patios in Nashville, and today’s hotspot is none other than the quaint coffee shop, Frothy Monkey.

Frothy Monkey now has expanded to five locations, but the original shop is the one I frequent most. Nestled in 12th Avenue South, you can find this coffee shop and patio bursting at its seams on a daily basis.

They serve breakfast (my favorite) until 5PM and daily lunch and dinner specials. Caffeinated drinks are their speciality, but they also have a bar with local beers on tap.

If you’re visiting Nashville, I encourage you to stop by Frothy and say hi! I’ll most likely be on the patio with an iced coffee in hand.

Frothy Monkey 12South

2509 12th Ave S., Nashville, TN 37204

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