As I sit curled up with my pup, Calvin, on this Thanksgiving Eve, I can’t help but reflect on everything I’m grateful for.

My family and friends: it’s plain and simple, I’m not the person I am without them. Even though there are many miles in between us, you all aren’t far from my heart.

Calvin: this dog is my partner in crime, shadow, running buddy, and cuddle bug. It’s hard to explain the impact he’s had on my life, but I’m blessed to go on this journey with Calvin.

My health: it’s something I don’t take lightly. I’m healthy and able to move my body the way I wish, and participate in activities. The goals I’ve achieved this year through running are ones I treasure. I don’t ever take for granted that this body is thriving and moving.

Still Seasons: even though the holiday season is usually filled with traveling and busyness, it’s my favorite time to quiet my mind and reflect on the year. I’m grateful for what’s happened, and excited for the months ahead.

Comparison is the thief of all joy, and when we look around, there truly is SO much to be grateful for! I’m heading into the holiday weekend with such a full heart… and many of you are to thank for that. ❤️

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

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